Cut your own firewood!  Rent a woodlot in Tarrel Woodland on an annual, renewable basis and cut an agreed maximum amount of timber for any use that you wish.  Ideal for those with wood-burning stoves or small-scale firewood producers and sellers.  Firewood for a fraction of the cost of a delivered load!

The woodlots available are 1 Hectare in size.  The timber is Noble Fir and is ready for thinning.  There are approximately 2500 trees in a Hectare, and the allowable annual cut would be 125 trees per hectare per year.  The trees will be replaced by natural regeneration, and by re-planting by us.  By taking 125 trees per year, the entire block will have been cleared and replaced over a 20-year period with mixed-age, mixed-species cover in line with sustainable woodland management practice.

Renters will be able to register for a minimum of half a lot, or several lots.  All we ask is that you:


  • Agree to take no more trees than specified in the Allowable Cut (125 trees per hectare per year)
  • Have your own public liability insurance
  • Work with us to plan which trees will be taken
  • Agree to our terms and conditions of rental


 How Much Firewood Is 125 Trees?

We estimate 125 trees of the size of ours is roughly 10,000 split logs of 20 cm length, of various sizes.  It equates to around 22 cubic meters of loose loaded logs, or around 5.5 tonnes of seasoned, dried wood.  This would cost you roughly £1,300 if you bought it loose from a firewood supplier.

What Kind of Wood Is Noble Fir?

Noble Fir is a softwood.  It burns well when seasoned, but not when wet - just like any wood.  We have been using it in our wood-burning Rayburn for the last three years, and find it burns with a good flame and heat.  It doesn't spit like Scots Pine.  Wood cut this winter should be ready for burning next winter if left to air-dry through the summer.

Benefits of Renting a Tarrel Woodlot

  • Your own sustainable source of firewood
  • Easy access - the woodland is well laid out with tracks, and lots are accessible with a normal car
  • Lots are well-defined and trees are well-spaced and easy to get to for felling / cross-cutting
  • Lovely coastal location, making your wood-cutting a fun day out for the family
  • Cut your own Christmas Tree - included in the rental
  • Exclusive free access to our eco-camping site in the woodland for weekends with the kids (just book with us first)
  • Cut enough wood?  Just come and relax on your lot.  Rental gives you usage throughout the year.

Want to know more?

Our woodlots should be available for rent from around December 2014.  If you'd like more information, or to register an interest, please email us